The beauty of imperfection essay

Robyn Griggs Lawrence is editor-in-chief of Natural Home, the magazine of earth-inspired living.

The Beauty of Imperfection Essay

This world is imperfect. Rather than hold ourselves up to a static, abstract perfection, we choose to embrace the warts-and-all diversity and contrasts in the real world of fresh becomings. He was the philosopher who came up with the whole idea of perfection in the first place. Consider the musty-oily scene that lingers around an ancient wooden bowl, the mystery behind a tarnished goblet.

Look deeply for the minute details that give it character; explore it with your hands. For it is in our weakness that we find our greatest commonality and community. Not only is it forever unfinished, it is also filled with diverse, rough, oddly shaped rocks of various colors and sizes—all of which somehow create a more intense harmony.

It is a rock garden in process—a widening beauty—an unfinished becoming rather than a static being.

The confidence and honesty, as well as the emotions Dylan conveys with his simple music are more meaningful than most any computer-perfected pop song. When we begin to accept and recognize our weaknesses, we put ourselves in position to begin learning from them.

And of course, there are the everyday stresses of being a high school student.

Life is Not Perfect. Fortunately.

But cheer up, Plato. All these are beautiful, my friends, if only you could see. Covering subjects that range from choosing non-toxic paints, to building labyrinths, to designing a straw-bale greenhouse, Natural Home is a practical and elegant guide for people who want to make their homes more beautiful, earthy, and environmentally friendly.

Wabi sabi was in me before I heard those words. Even as we declare you to be flawed as an ancient Greek statue missing an arm, in the spirit of process and wabi-sabi, we also pronounce you beautiful.

Bring in the rustic tea pot, chipped and scarred with use; the fallen leaf, brown and withered; the old woman, wrinkled and full of history and stories.

The Beauty of Imperfection

The people around us are far from perfect. She died and I lived. It is not difficult to understand. Because of our imperfections, we all have blind spots—tendencies that continually trip us up often without notice. Not just my mind, but my entire self has been opened up to the newfound beauty of the real and living world.

In frustration, I played the video above and listened once again to Karen Carpenter sing, and I suddenly realized the problem with a jolt.

I try as hard as I can to name them as a shape or figure, but the white clouds refuse to be classified. But not until we replace our pride with humility and seek the help of others. Now, with this added postscript, the essay feels authentic, wabi-sabi—an imperfect offering.

They are always there, lurking in the shadows, but the difference is that they lose their power over your life. We often get tripped up by temptation and addiction.**I borrow the title “The Beauty of Imperfection” from Frederic and Mary Ann Brusatt's insightful article which also explores some of the spiritual implications of wabi-sabi.

Their wonderful website has featured my own essay The Numinosity of Rocks, as well a review of my book Embracing a Beautiful God. The Beauty of Imperfection Today, many choose to express their love towards someone in song or poem form.

This type of affection existed even in the 17th century. All Nonfiction Bullying Books Academic Author Interviews Celebrity interviews College Articles College Essays Educator of the people would realize that imperfection is actually beauty.

Share. I believe in the beauty of imperfection at its finest. Donate If you enjoyed this essay, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to This I Believe, Inc. Life is not perfect.

Wabi-Sabi: The Art Of Imperfection

We discover this truth early in life. And the longer we live, the more we see it to be true. Imperfection brings beauty to the good.

Examples List on Imperfection

And because we know life is imperfect at best, we can find even greater joy in the little moments of triumph. This essay is. The Beauty of Imperfection Sports have become a part of our human culture; every corner of the earth has known a sport of some type.

Professional sports.

The beauty of imperfection essay
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