The atmosphere of thornfield

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Mason comes uninvited and spoils the ceremony by shouting that Rochester has a wife, Bertha, who still lives in Thornfield. Aware that Blanche is a gold-digger, he plays with her for a while, killing two birds with one stone- having fun with Blanche until he decides to inform her that he is not as rich as she thinks and making Jane jealous until she admits that she is in love with him.

The Atmosphere of Thornfield

She learns that Bertha Mason set the fire and died in the flames; Rochester is now living at his home in Ferndean. He partially accepts the social conventions, but rejects to succumb to it and let it shape his life.

Huyyt is the one that I most admire. Although it seems that he will marry Blanche, Rochester just toys with her and eventually proposes to Jane, who accepts his proposal. The only person kind to Jane is a servant Bessie, but she cannot prevent nor protect Jane from everyday violence she faces.

With its dark splendor, mysterious and absent master, and suggestive name, Thornfield Hall has a Gothic feel to it.

Jane is the only one who hears strange noises and hurls into his room, saving his life. In Chapter 3, Jane tells Mr.

Jane decides to share her inheritance with them, as a sign of gratitude. Although Jane did not tell her real name, one day, St. John announces that Jane has gained an inheritance from their uncle, John Eyre. Another powerful instance of foreshadowing is the chestnut tree under which Rochester proposes to Jane.

Characters embodying these forces are: Back at Thornfield, the wedding preparations are over and the ceremony is about to begin. Reed is dying unable to recover from the shock. Fairfax scolds and reminds to "remember directions. The three men also represent the notion of an oppressive patriarchy.

She is asked to stanch the wound without talking to Mr.Next comes young love at Thornfield, where she finds mystery and temptation: a "field of thorns" with an almost allegorical or Biblical flavor. Then Jane endures a temporary banishment at Moor House and in the little town of Morton, where she discovers friends and relatives in unlikely places and recharges herself.

Jane Eyre Summary

Jane arrives at Thornfield Hall at night, and therefore can't make out much more than the house's exterior splendor in the dark. She meets the kind old Mrs. Fairfax, who leads her through the cavernous house to a cozy and snug bedroom.

The Atmosphere of Thornfield Thornfield, is a place full of mysterious and eerie atmosphere, a place with both lighting and roses - The Atmosphere of Thornfield introduction. When Jane Eyre just meets Mrs.

Fairfax, the Thornfield gives the overall impression of the feeling of home. “snug, small room”, “cheerful fire”, “large cat sits. Thornfield hall is candlelit partially (mostly dark), very old-fashioned, high doors, lots of stairs, large, third floor Thornfield Hall has a very Gothic atmosphere.

What contributes to. Several components contribute to Thornfield Hall having a very Gothic quality. As each is listed, pay attention to the text to see how Bronte substantiates such a description.

The hall itself, is very large, and gives way to mystery.

What contributes to the feeling of Thornfield Hall having a very Gothic atmosphere?

The isolation and large uninhabited spaces of the manor remove it from the outside world. Strange entities and details as well as metaphor make the house seem unknown and plagued with the supernatural. It becomes a place stopped in time and detached from reality, in a way Thornfield Hall comes to represent Jane’s life.

The atmosphere of thornfield
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