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A multi-tiered marketing campaign will be used to generate visibility and equity. Her rationale is that she can pick up the few things she does not know about support much quicker than having to learn about the underlying industry that is served. The focus groups had a structured format where all participants were asked specific questions, as well as an unstructured section where there was a free-flow discussion.

This approach is somewhat backwards relative to the norm for the support service industry. Companies such as Siemens and L.

Ideal will employ several methods to communicate this. Each focus group had five to seven participants and was video taped in order to record the entire event. The pricing scheme will be competitive relative to other support service providers. The campaign will utilize different sources, both the Yellow Pages as well as an industry journal.

The message that Ideal seeks to communicate is that it has unprecedented industry knowledge. The last method of communication is a direct mail campaign, targeting local insurance agents and brokers.

Financial Objectives Profitability by the end of year one. Target Markets The insurance market that is in need of support services can be broken down into two segments Exclusive Agents: Bean will be benchmarked for their customer service, and managers will be held responsible for the achievement of these ambitious goals.

The agent will sell all the different types of coverage that State Farm offers, but only State Farm insurance. They can offer insurance from multiple companies. Generally, the background of the company owner is from the support staff industry.

While the selection here is limited, the advantage of the exclusive agent is that they usually have a very strong relationship with that company which is good if there is ever any claim issues. Sarah believes that the intricacies of the insurance industry are far more complex then that of the support agency.

Generate brand equity, quantified by an increase in unsolicited service requests. Marketing Research The main source of marketing research was generated from a series of focus groups that Sarah engineered and facilitated. The first method will be an advertising campaign.

These are agents for only one type of insurance, such as State Farm. Overall, the focus groups were incredibly useful. These agents do not have an exclusive contract with any one insurance company.

The third method will be participation within the regional tradeshow that attracts most of the local agents and brokers. Having spent time in the industry, Sarah developed many strong relationships with agents.

Strategies The single objective is to position Ideal as the most efficient support service available, commanding a majority of market share within six years. The groups provided Ideal with a wealth of information from prospective customers.

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While having this specific knowledge will preclude a lot of the market, it makes a small part of the market quite attractive.

Sarah will gather all of this intellectual capital and process it into a training program so it becomes organizational knowledge. They then apply the support staff proficiencies to the industry of their different customers. The advantage of this set up is that they can offer a wider range of service offerings than an agent who only sells one brand of insurance.STATE FARM BUSINESS PROPOSAL Customer Relationships Networking Success Mission & Vission Marketing Judith's Agency's Mission To build relationships that will allow us to provide excellent customer service complimentary to the quality products that State Farm has to offer our community.

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State Farm/Sample Agency is in the process of being formed as an insurance agency owned and operated by State Farm. This plan is written as a guide for financing, start-up and management of this new agency and will also serve as the basis for measurement.

State farm business proposal could be a lucrative opportunity for any agency. But one has to judge the pros and cons. Fri Jan 09, am Post subject: State Farm Business Proposal - The Pros and Cons: Hi, I'm just not sure that I would advise anyone just starting out in the insurance business to begin with a captive company.

The marketing strategy page of the business insurance sample marketing plan Business Insurance Marketing Plan. Ideal Business Support Services. Exclusive Agents: These are agents for only one type of insurance, such as State Farm.

The agent will sell all the different types of coverage that State Farm offers, but only State. Insurance Agency Business Plan Sample Best State Farm Mercial from ranch business plan template, Fill State Farm Business Plan Template, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with 4/4(30).

State farm insurance business plan template
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