Social problems in morocco

Morocco has never had some democratic history and from this originated the small belief of democracy. Children under 15 are even forced to work today, and it is one of the debated problems people go against.

Social Problems in Morocco

There is possible danger when there will be a new king with a different view on the democracy. A bicameral parliament consists of an upper chamber or the Chamber of Counselors seats and a lower house or the Chamber of Representatives seats. My Personal Ideas Social problems in morocco think that the best way to solve its sewage and oil spill problem is to regulate it.

As it was mentions the solution can be the change of political system from constitutional monarchy to republic with all human rights to all people. The highest court is the Supreme Court and here are also 15 courts of appeal. Next, Morocco has to open its trade for foreign investors, but it need to improve and more stabilize political situation.

Jalal Houti, director of Upline Securities, says: Another constitutional institution, the cabinet, is responsible to the King and the Chamber of Representatives.

Morocco king urges ‘urgent action’ on social problems

United Nations wanted to solve this problem through the self-determination referendum, however, the referendum was repeatedly postponed because of voter eligibility. However, Morocco is only on the way to democracy how it known in the developed western countries.

Morocco, Although Morocco has young constitution, last changes signals the will of Moroccans to change their political system to more democratic one. They are optimistic that things are going to improve as far as regulation is concerned and that the country is politically stable.

CIA — The word factbook, Good development is in mining, Morocco is a leading producer of phosphate rock, other minerals produced are coal, iron ore, lead, and manganese ore.

Moreover, oil spills are not being dealt with properly and certainly not quick enough. The king and his royal family has privileged position in society.

Of course it concerns more than 40 per cent of the population, but its weight with respect to growth is diminishing due to the birth of new engines of growth. Although Morocco has modern constitution that guarantees the freedom of movement, equal rights to education and to employment, multiple political parties, the rights to strike, and the respect of human rights, the official head of Morocco is still the monarch that is untouchable.

So, Moroccans has to learn to live in democracy, the ideas about democracy. Check it out https: Meanwhile, there is a not-so pleasant change in unemployment, rising 2. To deal with the dry conditions, some of its native people have already been trying new ways to nourish its soil.

This would help with both poverty rates and unemployment also. Morocco, Both chambers of the Parliament have very similar legislative rights, the only advantage of Chamber of Representatives is that it can dissolve the government with a two-thirds majority vote.

Water is often now contaminated by raw sewage. Moreover, the Moroccan political system can more stable and democratic when all of the legislative, executive, and judiciary department of government will be more divided because the Prime minister, Cabinet of Ministers, Chamber of Counselors, and judiciary department is very close to the king.

Sixty percent of the members of the Chamber of Counselors are elected indirectly by local councils, and the other forty percent are selected by the professional organizations and labor syndicates for nine-year term; one-third of the member are renewed every three years.

Droughts and desertification is one of the growing burdens in the country. Although Morocco is improving its economical situation, the main product of export, phosphate rock, is not infinite.Despite the abundance of natural resources and the beauty of Morocco, Morocco just like most other north African countries today faces so many economic, social, developmental, and environmental challenges including poor education, poor healthcare, corruption, environmental pollution, etc.

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI Sunday urged the government to take “urgent action” to address social issues, in particular health and education in the North African country, which has been hit by protests over employment and corruption.

During the s, Morocco had the lowest growth rate in the Middle East and North Africa, with daunting social problems, including poverty, large slum populations and high youth and urban unemployment that still blight the nation.

A social problem also called a social issue or a social ill and is an issue that relates to society's perception of people's personal lives. Different societies have different perceptions and what may be "normal" behavior in one society may be a significant social issue in another society.

Since independence, 45 years ago, Morocco has been going through many social problems, mostly in education and health system. The former French colonial system left a advanced industrial sector, a good planned irrigation system, and an effective transportation network.

Social Issues Currently, Morocco main problem is with its environment and public issues. Droughts and desertification is one of the growing burdens in the country.

Social Problems in Morocco Essay

This is due to the mountains that loom in the north, and the dry winds that blow from the Sahara. However, this is just one of the concerns.

Social problems in morocco
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