Snakes and people are one essay

The glands are held in position by ligaments.

An anterior ligament attaches the anterior end of the gland to the maxilla. This mode of moving is slow and very demanding, needing up to seven times the energy of laterally undulating over the same distance.

Here is an essay on snakes.

Essay on Snakes | Zoology

I wanted to change my mind and go back home, but then my courage started to control my fear. Eyes are with vertically elliptical pupil.

With its graceful, long and slender nature, snake was the most fearful creature to me.

There are two types of fangs. In open type as in cobras the poison groove on the fang is open and in the closed type as in vipers the poison groove forms a tunnel having two Openings, Fig.

Urinary bladder is absent. There are about 10 species of cobras of which two are found in India. Shields are prominent on the head. The shields in the belly are broad.

While we were going, my body started to shake. Besides, they do not want to bite us; they would prefer to be left alone, or to get away from hazard. Most of has experienced fear one way or another and dealt it in different ways: According to the University of Florida: I was 12 feet off the ground when this had happened.

During my research I have come to understand the behavior of the snakes: The duct passes forward along the side of the upper jaw and opens either at the base of the fang or at the base of the tunnel on the fang. After many years of avoiding my fear of snake and suffering from it, I decided to do anything it takes to face this unhealthy fear of mine.

Browse hundreds of Postwriting tutors. The plates in the belly are broad and extend across Fig.

Most snakes are terrestrial.Essay on Snakes; Essay on Snakes. Words May 26th, 3 Pages. Show More. Essay Cobra Snakes. Snakes are fun to know about. They are scary, poisonous createars that killed many people. And cobras are one of the most famous snakes (Cleopatra used an Egyptian cobra to kill herself).

So, I choose cobras to make a research on. I bet most people do not know that the snake can move in more than one way. In fact there are four different ways a snake can move, serpentine locomotion, a simple crawl, is the most common and the fastest.

Some people are drawn to snakes, others are terrified. Throughout history, snakes have been portrayed as both good and evil. Some of this facination comes from the fact that they have no legs, any yet can get around quite easily.

People who own pet snakes feed them as infrequently as once per month. Some snakes can go as long as six months without a good meal. Snakes have a very flexible lower jaw, the two halves of which are not rigidly attached, and many other joints in their skull.

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According to the University of Florida: "approximately one out of 37, people are bitten by venomous snakes in the U.S. each year (, bites per year), and only onr out of 50 million people will die from snakebite( fatalities per year)."%(1).

Snakes and people are one essay
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