Should there be different rights and laws for the many different types of people

But this right is to be used only in extreme cases as it is likely to incur far-reaching consequences. Therefore, its violation will lead to punishment. In other countries, e.

However, in another sense, rights may allow or require inaction, and these are called negative rights; they permit or require doing nothing. It is an important political right and it is also known as right to franchise.

Repeated, and unwanted, preaching by coworkers on religious matters can potentially constitute harassment.

Rights ethics is an answer to the meta-ethical question of what normative ethics is concerned with Meta-ethics also includes a group of questions about how ethics comes to be known, true, etc. Political Beliefs The Code for the City of Seattle, Washington prohibits discrimination on the basis of "political ideology.

Negative and positive rights In one sense, a right is a permission to do something or an entitlement to a specific service or treatment from others, and these rights have been called positive rights. Rights are often included in the foundational questions that governments and politics have been designed to deal with.

They are universal; that is, they apply to all people, and do not derive from the laws of any specific society. Comprehensive Protections Many states and local governments have statutes or codes that protect against a slew of different forms of discriminatory, and therefore harassing, behaviors.

A right may be defined as a claim or power of an individual against others which are recognised and enforced by the state. Positive rights such as a "right to medical care" are emphasized more often by left-leaning thinkers, while right-leaning thinkers place more emphasis on negative rights such as the "right to a fair trial".

Citizenshipitself, is often considered as the basis for having legal rights, and has been defined as the "right to have rights". There is considerable disagreement about what is meant precisely by the term rights. That all are born equal and are to be treated equally is the essence of this right.

They can evaluate the facts of the incident, the quality of your evidence, and the relevant laws in order to determine how best to proceed. A citizen has the right to life and the right to protect his body.

Understanding Different Types of Harassment

The legal right can be further sub-divided into two categories- Civil Rights and Political Rights. The institution of property, prior to the advent of Marxism, was viewed as an ally of civilised life.

For example, individual members of a union may wish a wage higher than the union-negotiated wage, but are prevented from making further requests; in a so-called closed shop which has a union security agreementonly the union has a right to decide matters for the individual union members such as wage rates.

This was treated by some as a right and the individuals were given the option to choose their own religion. Rights prevail only in a state and it gives values to the concept of liberty and equality.

For example, in some countries, e. The people can submit petition against one government to another government. Liberty rights and claim rights are the inverse of one another: A handful of jurisdictions also prohibit discrimination based upon an unfavorable or less than honorable discharge from the military.

Moral rights are based on our ethical awareness and on a sense of morality and justice. Alternative meta-ethical theories are that ethics is concerned with one of the following: Individual versus group[ edit ] Main article: The individual has right not as an isolated being but as a member of the society and state.

Complete information on the different types of Rights enjoyed by citizens of India

For example, a platoon of soldiers in combat can be thought of as a distinct group, since individual members are willing to risk their lives for the survival of the group, and therefore the group can be conceived as having a "right" which is superior to that of any individual member; for example, a soldier who disobeys an officer can be punished, perhaps even killed, for a breach of obedience.

In fact, many states and local governments have very specific anti-discrimination laws that also contain provisions that prohibit harassment for what are sometimes very unique classes of individuals. Mill, "The entire world has no right to silence a fool". These distinctions have much overlap with that between negative and positive rightsas well as between individual rights and group rightsbut these groupings are not entirely coextensive.Individual Rights and Community Responsibilities.

What Are the Different Types of Laws?

Community is characterized by "wholeness incorporating diversity" and may include people of different ages, ethnicities, educational backgrounds and incomes (Gardner ).

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Understanding Different Types of Harassment; Understanding Different Types of Harassment. Many people may believe that sexual harassment is the one and only type of harassment that can happen. The court adopted an analysis similar to that used under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of in finding that comments such as "psycho" and.

Complete information on the different types of Rights enjoyed by citizens of India With regard to rights there are broadly three theories (a) The theory of Natural Rights and Natural Law which states that natural law confers some natural rights on the individuals.

These rights are enjoyed by the people not in their personal or private. explains that different types of federal laws include immigration, bankruptcy, copyright and criminal laws.

Each state passes its own laws as long as they do not conflict with federal laws. There are many kinds of lawyers who study many types of law. From criminal to environmental law, find out which are the most common legal fields. Legal Specialization: Types of Law.

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Should there be different rights and laws for the many different types of people
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