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Captains Lewis and Clark felt as though Sacagawea would be an important factor to the mission. An explorer known as Captain Clarke wrote that in order to pronounce the Indian words correctly, every letter sound must be made.

She Sacagawea essay be remembered for being and interpreter on the expedition to find the Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean.

The family lived in Sacagawea essay tepee. Shortly after turning thirteen years old she became a Christian. These people, called Lemhi Shoshone, were great warriors and excellent on horses. Baptiste also rode on her back when she rode horse-back Sacagawea essay was in her lap when she sat in the boats.

In fact, in finding her name written on multiple documents from various explores, there have been seventeen different spellings with only the "g" matching in all of them. A woman was gathering food away from the village when she spotted the men. In fact, one day during the mission Sacagawea was riding in a boat when suddenly the wind picked up on the river they were crossing.

In order for the team to understand the trade with the Shoshone, Sacagawea would communicate with them, and then translate to Charbonneau in Hidatsas; he would then translate in French to Francois Labiche hired by the Corp.

InSacagawea was born to the Shoshone tribe, otherwise known as the "Snake Nation" which was located in the Rocky Mountain region. Later, he helped the expedition by the supplying them with horses they badly needed to cross the Rocky Mountains. The Lemhi would plan hunting trips back to their homeland when the village was terribly scarce on food.

Six years later she gave birth to her daughter Lisette on December 22, Sacagawea was born inin a Shoshone Indian village in what is now Montana.

When entering territories which belonged to other Sacajawea Statue in Bismarck, North Dakota. The men were beaten, tortured, and killed while the rest of the village located in present day Idaho was destroyed and many were taken captive Shoshone, PBS - After the expedition, Sacajawea returned to her Hidasta-Mandan home with her husband Charbonneau, and their son Baptiste.

The reunion of the two Shoshone people was very heart warming. She guided the expedition through her familiar homelands and proved to be invaluable to the leaders. After the reunion and the communications were over, the expedition was able trade some gifts for the horses they needed Sacagawea, PBS - After Sacagawea died Captain William Clark adopted her two children.

Sacagawea recovered the majority of the papers and materials that would have been lost to the water. At various times they might have a few fish, but the tribe was in the process of planning a small group trip to the plains in order to hunt buffalo.

The only known sibling of Sacagawea was her brother, Cameahwait, who later became the chief of the tribe. On August 13, the four were about 75 miles head when they came upon a Shoshone tribe. The Shoshone had luscious plains in a little valley.Sacagawea was a very vital asset to the Corp of Discovery in this expedition as she saved them from many violent encounters with native tribes; she was also a guide for them as they traveled.

Sacagawea also gave the members of the Corp much insight of Native American cultures that they may not have learn 3/5(3). Free Essay: “Everything I do is for my people” (Quotes From Sacagawea).

This fun loving naturalist that liked to help others was way more of a hero then she. Free Essay: In May oftwo men set out on an important journey that would take them across the country and discover new land, but none of it would have.

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Sacajawea "The Bird-Woman" by Jessica Carlile. Sacajawea was born sometime during in a territory located in today’s Idaho. She lived in her Rocky Mountain homeland the first 12 years of her life, up until she was kidnapped from her Shoshone people by an enemy tribe, the Hidastas.

Below is an essay on "Sacagawea" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Sacagawea Thesis Statement: Sacagawea, a Native Indian, went on an expedition with Lewis and Cark and helped achieve the /5(1).

Sacagawea essays Sacagawea was a crucial part of the Lewis and Clark expedition. At first she was just their translator's 15 year old pregnant wife, but turned out to be much more.

Sacagawea - Explorer of the American Frontier

She was a very good icon for the natives that they were encountering.

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