Reasons to become a dentist essay

Dentists are highly regarded by the communities they serve for their contributions to the general health of the public as well as their drive to improve the lives of those around them.

Dental educators have the ability to shape the dental school curriculum and the professional role of the dentist by establishing themselves as faculty members in dental education. Helping Others Dentists assist patients in maintaining their oral health. With population growth, changes in health care law and the upcoming retirement of a large group of dentists educated during the s and s, the need for new dentists is rapidly increasing.

I was able to shadow almost every specialization and it was very helpful for interviews because I could speak freely about my experiences. A primary reason for this demand is the increasing number of aging Americans who need dental care, according to the ADA.

5 Reasons to Become a Nurse Practitioner

People choose to become dentists because they can Be respected members of their communities. More underrepresented minority dentists African American, Hispanic and American Indian are necessary to eliminate the barriers to oral care. Additionally, the Dentistry Fact Sheet PDF highlights what a career in dentistry can offer you by answering these types of questions: There can be instant gratification when you end a bad tooth ache or place a beautiful crown.

Some American dentists work for such entities as the World Health Organization, giving them the opportunity to treat individuals in need of dental care in impoverished nations around the world.

Work as part of a team. Dentistry is largely based on maintaining proper oral health, but is also an aesthetically focused practice. Shape the future of oral health care.

Some dentists work 3 or 4 days a week and earn less, but work less. I also taught for a few years in low income areas, and I noticed the vast difference in their oral health.

Why to choose dentistry

People are living longer, and technology is allowing dentists to do cooler things than ever before. Dentists who work in private practice can assume key leadership roles upon establishing themselves in their local communities, such as spearheading charitable efforts that benefit the community.

Only 12 percent of students entering dental school are minorities, while minorities make up 25 percent of the general population. You may realize the same thing about teeth.What are some reasons people become dentists?

Why does somebody become a dentist?

Why do dentists do MBAs? What is it like to be a dentist?

Reasons to Become a Dentist

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a dentist? These are things I was told when my parents wanted me to become a dentist, though I ultimately didn't go that route. Can't answer your question on any other basis than. Ten Reasons to Be a Dentist Tomorrow's dentists — yes that can be YOU — will be on the cutting edge of technology, using lasers and computer-assisted diagnostics, making the practice of dentistry more challenging and rewarding.

Ten Great Reasons to. Why be a dentist? Why be a dentist? There are as many reasons to be a dentist as there are dentists. It is a career that provides plenty of rewards and challenges as well as an opportunity to help people and make communities healthier places.

People choose to become dentists because they can Restore the oral health and transform the. Bureau of Labor Statistics: How to Become a Dentist About the Author Chris Joseph writes for websites and online publications, covering business and technology.

I want to pursue a career in Dentistry for many reasons. Being a Dentist, you get to aid people and make them feel better about themselves.

Dentist Admissions Essay: Changing the World One Gum at a Time Become a dentist is one of my biggest dreams, because is something that I always wanted to be since I was a child. There. There are many reasons why someone might want to become a nurse practitioner: from the intellectual challenge to the ability to save lives.

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This post outlines five reasons why you might want to pursue a rewarding career as a nurse practitioner.

Reasons to become a dentist essay
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