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While the study has commonly been seen as a warning of blind obedience to authority, Scientific American recently revisited it, arguing that the results were more suggestive of deep moral conflict.

In one study, Bargh found that a group of participants who were asked to unscramble words related to old age -- "Florida," "helpless" and "wrinkled" -- walked significantly slower down Psychology case study articles hallway after the experiment than the group who unscrambled words unrelated to age.

10 Psychological Studies That Will Change What You Think You Know About Yourself

Simply the best book in its genre. If there is only one book you buy on ethics, this is the one. A study published in the journal Psychological Review put students into groups of three to write a short paper together. The researcher then writes up the information from both sources above as the case study, and interprets the information.

Interpreting the information means the researcher decides what to include or leave out. The research may also continue for an extended period of time, so processes and developments can be studied as they happen.

The children who did manage to hold off for the full 15 minutes generally used avoidance tactics, like turning away or covering their eyes. Love really is all that matters, at least when it comes to determining long-term happiness and life satisfaction.

Despite our best attempts to "know thyself," the truth is that we often know astonishingly little about our own minds, and even less about the way others think. Here are 10 classic psychological studies that may change the way you understand yourself.

Articles, Research, & Resources in Psychology

In the experiment, four-year-olds were put in a room by themselves with a marshmallow on a plate in front of them, and told that they could either eat the treat now, or if they waited until the researcher returned 15 minutes later, they could have two marshmallows.

Assessment, Therapy, Forensics by Kenneth S. We also tend to buy into stereotypes for social groups that we see ourselves being a part of. Researchers then observed the prisoners who had to stay in the cells 24 hours a day and guards who shared eight-hour shifts using hidden cameras.

In psychology, case studies are often confined to the study of a particular individual. Avoiding the polarizing polemics and limited points of view that mar so much of the work in this area, this is the best book on this topic. Sex Reassignment at Birth: But at the end of his life, he was one of the happiest.

For students of these disciplines they can give a vivid insight into what those who suffer from mental illness often have to endure.

He conducted very detailed investigations into the private lives of his patients in an attempt to both understand and help them overcome their illnesses.This case study challenges students to understand and apply a set of concepts from the domain of social psychology to an inflammatory article that was published in The Guardian.

Students prepare by reading a chapter on prejudice and stereotypi. Sep 24,  · Learn about the brain, behavior and health. Read health articles on intellectual development, brain abnormalities, and mental health. Updated daily.

Sep 19,  · News about Psychology and Psychologists, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. PubMed comprises more than 26 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.

Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites. At some point in your study of psychology, you may be required to write a case study.

These are often used in clinical cases or in situations when lab research is not possible or practical. In undergraduate courses, these are often based on a real individual, an imagined individual, or a character from a television show, film, or book.

At some point in one of your psychology classes, you might be asked to write a case study of an individual. What exactly is a case study?

Case Study Method

It is essentially an in-depth psychological investigation of a single person or group of people.

Psychology case study articles
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