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Explore episodes that interest Plain english on this web site. They have helped many government departments and other official organisations with their documents, reports and publications. Each minute episode features a current events topic plus a review of one English word, phrase, or phrasal verb per episode.

The only concern of the ordinary official is to learn to understand it, to act as interpreter of it to ordinary people, and to be careful not to let his own style of writing be tainted by it The Paperwork Reduction Act was introduced in[13] and in President Carter issued Plain english orders intended to make government regulations "cost-effective and easy-to-understand by those who were required to comply with them.

They believe that everyone should have access to clear and concise information.

Plain English

If so, then Plain English is just right for you. VW to retire its signature Beetle car, but give new life to the Bus September 27, The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most recognizable cars on the road, but the Germany carmaker plans to retire the model for good, citing declining sales.

The new version of the multi-passenger van will be all-electric and include all the newest technology. Gowers argued that legal English was a special case, saying that legal drafting: Best of all, the program goes at a slower speed, so you can understand every word.

VW is bringing back the Bus. Plain English writing style is now a legal duty for companies registering securities under the Securities Act ofdue to rules the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC adopted in Though there was little formal resistance in parliament, opinions in Spain on the legacy of the former dictator are mixed.

Two years later Sir Ernest Gowersa distinguished civil servant, was asked by HM Treasury to provide a guide to officials on avoiding pompous and over-elaborate writing.

Plus learn what the counter-culture was. It found that verbosity can lead to misunderstandings that could cost lives. The Universal Design guidelines published by the National Standards Authority of Ireland includes plain English guidelines for energy suppliers.

Recent Episodes Spain to remove Franco from Valley of the Fallen, but divisions on his legacy linger September 24, The Spanish parliament voted to remove the remains of the military dictator Francisco Franco from the Valley of the Fallen monument.

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It is prudently left to a specialised legal branch of the Service. But fans of classic cars can be happy about one other piece of news:This is a list of plain English words and phrases and the longer, more cumbersome words they can replace.

The problem word is listed first; the plain English.

List of plain English words and phrases

plain English project, will depend on your document, your schedule, and your budget. • A team leader. who has the authority to make decisions that keep the project moving forward and bring it to a successful conclusion. (More than one plain English project has faltered because the team.

What is plain language? Plain language (also called plain writing or plain English) is communication your audience can understand the first time they read or hear it.

The Plain Writing Act of defines plain language as. Writing that is clear, concise, well-organized, and follows other best practices appropriate to the subject or field and.

Plain English handcraft the finest, bespoke kitchens with an unparalleled dedication to quality, high luxury and an immaculate attention to detail. Plain English Campaign is an independent group fighting for plain English in public communication.

We oppose gobbledygook, jargon and legalese. Watch video · Plain English is writing that is clear and straightforward, targeted at the appropriate reading level, and free of jargon, wordiness, and clichés.

Plain english
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