Mark twain was it heaven or hell

Go alone and spend some quality time at any beautiful place.

Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.

By collaborating with the right kind of people you can make the greatest thing possible. Not even to save his life. But only harmless ones.

What are you crying for? God bless you both always! I know I should do it again. Poor old Hannah wetted the parched lips and softly stroked the hot brow, murmuring endearing and pitying words, and thanking the Father of all that the mother was happy and did not know. There will be music--and she loves it so.

It makes no sense to waste the valuable time by being with the wrong people. To lie is a sin. Patiently and earnestly, with their stiff old fingers, they were trying to forge the required note.

Daily they told the morning lie, and confessed their sin in prayer; not asking forgiveness, as not being worthy of it, but only wishing to make record that they realized their wickedness and were not desiring to hide it or excuse it.

The minds of the two old ladies reverted to their beloved niece and the fearful disease which had smitten her; instantly they forgot the hurts their self-love had received, and a passionate desire rose in their hearts to go to the help of the sufferer and comfort her with their love, and minister to her, and labor for her the best they could with their weak hands, and joyfully and affectionately wear out their poor old bodies in her dear service if only they might have the privilege.

The dying girl lay with closed lids, and unconscious, the drapery upon her breast faintly rising and falling as her wasting life ebbed away.

This changes the complexion of his spirits--generally wholesomely. At last came that kindly friend who brings healing and peace to all.

Aunt Hannah brought comforting news to the failing mother, and a happy note, which said again, "We have but a little time to wait, darling mother, then se shall be together. Of hope for either there was little.

She cannot be quite happy without me; and I--oh, I live in the light of her eyes! How thankful I am that she escaped this infection--and what a narrow risk she ran, Aunt Hester! That afternoon Helen had to take to her bed, ill. The closing line said: You can expect the miracle by allowing yourself to do whatever you want.

Which I should probably do if I were interested in saving my soul by such disreputable means. They did not know what to do. If I could die now. It sounds like the shuffling of many feet. As I shall be soon. While they marveled and wept he came again; and bending low, he whispered the decree.

They were hurt to the heart, poor old ladies, and said they could never forgive these injuries. Ah, what could she do without me! The same haunting thought was in all minds there: She wrote the note the moment she came home? Others one could not trust; but you two guardian angels--steel is not so true as you.

There are so many houses.

Was it Heaven? Or Hell?

I want her--oh, I want her! With a great sob Hester gathered her to her breast, crying, "Oh, my child, my darling!

Is she playing it herself, do you think? How much of it can you two undertake? She does not suspect? By associating with the right quality of people you can make a huge difference.

All the twelve days the mother had pined for the child, and the child for the mother, but both knew that the prayer of these longings could not be granted.Mar 23,  · A funny quote by Mark Twain on heaven and hell is the topic of this blog post. "Go to heaven for the climate and hell for the company." Mark Twain "This very funny quote just about sums it up about Mark Twain.

This is one of his more sarcastic quotes but I have to admit. Literature Network» Mark Twain» Was it Heaven? Or Hell? Mark Twain. Fiction. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. A Double Barrelled Detective Story. A Horse's Tale. Huckleberry Finn. Letters from the Earth.

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc. The $30, Bequest. Was It Heaven or Hell?

Was It Heaven or Hell?

has 49 ratings and 3 reviews. There was a sound--a warning--the clearing of a throat. The aunts glanced up, and withered in their /5. Twain paints a picture of an all female family of four: Margaret Lester, widow; her 16 year old daughter, Helen; and Margaret’s extremely proper twin maiden aunts, Hannah and Hester Gray, aged It is a household in which "a lie had no place.

In it a lie was unthinkable. In it speech was. - Mark Twain's Speeches, edition, p. Dying man couldn't make up his mind which place to go to -- both have their advantages, "heaven for climate, hell for company!" - Mark Twain's Notebooks and Journals, vol.

3. Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company. – Mark Twain Meaning of this quote: Go to heaven for the better climate, Hell to find more crowd. Hell and heaven both are fictional, but we can learn some great lessons from this quote.

Mark twain was it heaven or hell
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