Kodak vs fuji case study analysis

Kodak has superior brand recognition Aaker, ; Deutsch, ; Grant, as compared to rival brands such as Agfa based on US consumer reports Simonson et al. Ultimately, refocusing the business with so many forces in motion proved to be impossible.

Kodak has been in battles with other competitors such as Sony over patent infringements Deutsch, ; Associated Press, a. By examining the issues on both sides of this debate in a positive manner we can perhaps tease out the underlying manifestations which cause both sides to use terms of equity, justice and fairness in explaining their behavior.

They also need to incorporate to their own business model, some of the operational practices that makes Fuji such as strong competitor: Weaknesses On the other hand, Kodak has weaknesses.

In addition to devoting the appropriate funds to develop new digital imaging technology, Kodak and Fuji now have major competitors to fight off. A central element of this policy was allowing full Japanese access to US export markets.

Retailers are looking for high quality products at competitive prices in order to attract more consumers.

Kodak learned a hard but valuable lesson with Fuji and experienced the change in consumer attitude, where value and convenience can easily shift consumer loyalty. The 1 billion dollar worth of digital imaging technology sold in clearly demonstrate that consumer demand for these products exist.

Kodak-Versus-Fuji Case Study

With film, the entry barriers were high. One EU diplomat recently claimed that, "American readiness to impose unilateral sanctions makes the US prosecutor, judge, and jury on any action they deem unfair. Furthermore, the US allowed the Japanese access to its vast market to export and gain valuable dollars--again to the hindrance of domestic producers.

Rather, they would couch their feelings in terms of loyalty to Japanese firms which provide the country with jobs and international prestige. Issues of fairness in trade abound in the Kodak-Fuji case. Many US firms found it difficult to get a foothold in this Keiretsu dominated market and have since cried to the US government for help in prying open the door.

How can Kodak protect its strategic advantage from competitors, especially Fuji? Thus this argument is seen to be one in which American firms are discriminated against by Japanese suppliers, distributors, and retail centers on the very fact that they are American.

Wide rolls had to be changed over and spliced continuously in real time; the coated film had to be cut to size and packaged — all in the dark. Like Kodak and Fuji, all three of these competitors have the technology and knowledge on how to develop and manufacturer digital imaging equipment such as cameras and printers.

Its brand was supported by its massive worldwide distribution presence through retail photography stores, film processors and professional photographers which provided Kodak with the competitive advantage Grant, It has tried to acquire several smaller successful companies such as Ofoto and Practice works to fill in the missing pieces of technology and markets that it did not have capabilities in Deutsch, Thus, the final outcome, in this case market share, is central to a positive analysis of fairness couched in a distributional light and leads each side to believe in the validity of their stance.

Both sides think that their actions are perfectly fair and thus, by extension, that the other party is somehow acting unfair. It is still trying to play catch-up with rivals Associated Press, b such as Canon, Sony and HP for the past 15 years.

Furthermore, it seems that Distributional Fairness exists on each side since both firms maintain similar market shares in each others domestic markets. Its retail network of stores was a depreciating asset due to the increase use of home computers, email and print technologies Grant, Given an unfair trading practice, Americans are willing to respond in kind.

Both Domestically and Globally they need to capitalize on branding, Kodak is a household name when it comes to photographic products; they need to use this competitive and strategic advantage every time by marketing its value.

Kodak thus feels that its poor performance in Japan is entirely inconsistent with its performance elsewhere and that reasons beyond market conditions--Japanese government exclusionary practices--are to blame.

Proponents of such a stance would argue that the US is acting unfairly by disregarding the rules of the game which were decided by a multinational body.

Threats However, Kodak will suffer long term threats to its core franchise in the film business if it does not extend its brand name to digital Smith, What are some disadvantages that Fuji has to overcome?

A recent study on digital camera market concludes that the shift in photography from film to digital is now in full force. Over the course of more than a century, Kodak and a small number of its competitors had developed and refined manufacturing processes that enabled consumers to capture and preserve images for a lifetime.

Japan is thus viewed as abusing a historical mutually beneficial positive reciprocity relationship by discriminating against US firms and setting up barriers to market access.

They were slow to bring new products to market Grant, By staying at the cutting edge of technology and by studying the moves of the competition and trends of the market.

The Kodak - Fuji Rivalry

In the last decade the retail market in the Unites States has changed dramatically. Its product development and sales departments were fragmented and scattered over many divisions Gavetti et al. Kodak leads in the higher-end photo quality camera segment Smith, where it launched its major innovations in imaging Grant, Also, they should concentrate on the low end of digital cameras and by products, which gave them very good sales results in the first quarter of 99, and work towards the continues improvement of this particular niche, which can be a great differentiator and give them a nice position over the newcomers in the space, HP, Sony, etc.

Kodak believes that an inequity exists because it has less market share in Japan than elsewhere in the world. This will give them greater flexibility, especially to deal with price sensitive markets, economic crisis, trade issues and tariffs.The Kodak - Fuji Rivalry - Eastman Kodak Company, Fuji Photo Film, The case discusses the strategies adopted by Kodak and Fuji to gain global market share in the photographic film and paper industry.

The case examines in detail the strategies adopted by Fuji in the US and Kodak in Japan. It explains how Fuji was successful in building a significant presence in the US while Kodak failed to do.

It uses the case study of Dr. H. Donald Hopkins of Temple University, “Kodak vs. Fuji: A Case of Japanese-American Strategic Intervention” as a reference point and attempts to update and clarify this relationship at the beginning of the 21st century.

US-Japan Fairness Issues in the Kodak-Fuji Case. HOME. SEARCH. FORUM: by Doug Daniels January On December 5, the US lost its first major trade dispute in the newly formed World Trade Organization(WTO).The high-profile case pitted photographic paper and film giants Kodak and Fuji against one another along with their respective governments, the US and Japan.

The Real Lessons From Kodak’s Decline Magazine: Summer Issue Opinion & Analysis May 20 (in its particular case, from analog to digital technology) that was happening right under its nose. The big problem with this version of events is that it’s wrong. That was left to Fuji who now produce a range of skin care products using the.

A Strategic Analysis A case study of how Kodak is guilty on four counts of serious Why is this the case? What went wrong at Eastman Kodak? 6 Reuters, retrieved 10th Decemberwhen firstly the Japanese firm Fuji Photo Film Co. encroached on Kodak’s market share as customers switched to their products after launching a speed.

Kodak vs Fuji Ppt Finale. Kodak & Fuji Rivalry (Mk) Eastman Kodak Meeting the Digital Challenge. Disruptive Technology Case Study - Fujifilm vs.

KodaK. Mba - Assignment- Business Communiction. ebf. A_kodak. Fuji Kodak Rivalry. Case Analysis for Kodak. Kodak Vs Fuji. CASE ANALYSIS FUJI VS KODAK.

Kodak vs fuji case study analysis
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