Knowledge management concepts practices and effects

Organizations should selectively recognize and reward, rather than universally discourage and punish, these types of behaviors. When does excessive monitoring become an inappropriate invasion of privacy?

Effective knowledge management requires this trend to be overturned and requires those with information to become teachers and mentors who ensure that others in the firm know what they know.

When does control become counterproductive? Intellectual Capital If knowledge is to be managed as a vital asset, then some method of accounting for the assset is needed.

Clearly, for such a cultural shift to take place, HRM must overhaul selection, appraisal, and compensation practices.

Certainly some control is needed, but the larger question for HRM is determining appropriate boundaries. Clearly, the Internet has a role in generating and disseminating knowledge, and therefore is an integral part of knowledge management.

Although it should not ignore the high-tech knowledge management tools, HRM contains the expertise to develop low-tech knowledge management strategies. As employees increasingly rely on technology to communicate, they lose opportunities to develop the rich, multifaceted relationships that encourage the communication of tacit knowledge.

These visible outputs of their thinking processes helped create a shared context for their efforts and turned the room into a truly collaborative workspace.

List of knowledge management concepts

If the topics serve organizational needs, these individuals play a role similar to bees that cross-pollinate flowers and sustain a larger ecosystem. For many individuals and organizations, this reverses the conventional relationship between knowledge and power.

It entails both rethinking old ways of managing the workplace as well as using innovative approaches outside the box of traditional HRM. As another example, consider individuals in organizations described as "gossips," who would rather talk than work.

Investing in a knowledge management initiative without a clear sense of purpose is like investing in an expensive camera that has far more capabilities than you need to take good pictures of family and friends.

The knowledge facilitator role is much more broad and requires creative integration across traditional HRM activities. Human resource management will need to adjust both its own perspective from rule-enforcer as well as that of managers and others who hold outdated notions of what is "real work.

Third, HRM should also create the "ultimate employee experience. This has led to a perspective of knowledge management based on intellectual capital.The Knowledge management discourse has adopted, invented and refined concepts from a wide range of disciplines and practices.

There follows a list of concepts and language in use in the field. There follows a list of concepts and language in use in the field.

Core Concepts

effects, and exceptions to the norms and conventional wisdom of an area. assets to effectuate better knowledge practices, improved organizational behaviors, better deci- knowledge.

knowledge management. Knowledge Management. core concepts of knowledge management. BEST PRACTICES; RESOURCES; ABOUT US; Core Concepts. Whereas academics may cite hundreds of concepts from epistomology to "the resource view of the firm", we believe that practitioners need a grasp of only a few.

Follow the links (from the images and headings below) to those that are. Knowledge Management: Concepts, Practices and Effects.

Print Reference this. This report explains the process of Knowledge Management to bring in Competitive advantage in the Indian IT industry. It also elaborates on the methods on how innovation can be encouraged in the company. Technology is defined a “socio-physical systems.

The knowledge management best practices summary below will cover all the categories mentioned above.

Its scope is difficult to define and its effects are hard to measure - e.g. how do you determine the ROI on a discipline designed to subtly improve most aspects of the organization?

Nonetheless, if properly implemented, it is a worthwhile.

Knowledge Management: Concepts and Best Practices Kai Mertins, Peter Heisig, Jens Vorbeck Springer Science & Business Media, May 19, - Business & Economics - .

Knowledge management concepts practices and effects
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