How to write a popular book series

How will the relationships between various characters change and develop throughout the story? For this method the author will try to select an exciting part of the story and stop.

How to write a series: 10 tips for writing smash hits

These secondary conflicts propel each book towards a larger or main conflict. This method works best for stories that feature strong external plotlines.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Fiction Series

By anticipating these problems ahead of time, you can plan a series and check yourself along the way to ensure that you avoid them. Rather than becoming a better human being, the protagonist slowly transforms into a darker, more tormented version of themselves by the end of their story.

Unanswered Questions If the author is never going to answer a nagging question, why invest anything, especially time and passion, in the series? It is rich in imaginative detail: Where is your character at in their positive or negative transformation arc?

Rather than feeding into a vast overarching narrative, these types of series tends to be more episodical in nature. Work on your setting Setting is of vital importance in a series, no matter what the genre.

In other words, you go from one situation to the next without any explanation for the radical change. This method is popular with mystery writers.

Outline your series in advance If you tend not to plot usually, this can work for a novel. Character becomes increasingly arrogant but loses everything. Before you get started, make sure that you have enough story to justify a series and that your main concept is not flawed.

For instance, in The X-Files both main characters used cell phones throughout most of the series, but the phones were used inconsistently, in ways that forced the viewers to question the logic.

How to write a series: 8 novice mistakes to avoid

The choice is up to you! Jean-Marie Grange via Unsplash Step 2: Is my plot suited to a series? If not, you must either reconsider the characters and their arcs or consider the possibility of a standalone novel.

From starting with a flawed concept, being unable to end the series and struggling with consistency to failing to follow through, these are all pitfalls you can avoid.

The complete series of events that occur during the course of a storyline Plot Structure. How compelling are your characters? Have I lost you completely?

There are long-lost relatives and new guardians, love interests and minor to serious villains.

5 Tips for Creating a Must-Read Fiction Series

However, you must have at least a rough idea of the direction in which the story is heading.4. Can I commit to writing a series? Writing a novel is a big commitment. Writing a series of novels takes things to a whole new level.

Before you launch into a series – whether it be a duology, a trilogy or a sprawling ten-part epic – you need to seriously consider your commitment to the task. How to Write a Book Series - Part One. Hey, friends!

So today we're going to talk about one of my very favorite writing subjects: how to write a book series. This type of book series is by far the most popular, and as such, it is also the most attractive to publishers and marketable to readers.

How to Outline a Series of Bestselling Books. The secret of tremendously powerful and popular series is that the ending is always present in the beginning. Authors such as J.K. Rowling knew how the story would end right from the beginning. this article is going to be very helpful when I dive more into the trilogy I want to write.

How to Write a Book Series - Part One

I also. Creating a novel series—such as the Harry Potter, Dune, Wheel of Time, or even Border Trilogy series—is one of the best ways to build continuous momentum with your book marketing efforts.

It’s also a unique experience and can open up life opportunities you may never have had otherwise. How to write a bestselling novelMake it a daily habit. The only way to improve your writing – or get started at all – is to do it daily. Silence your inner critic. Find an image to inspire you.

If you are stuck for ideas, paintings and photographs can help inspire a story, says Philippa. What if?

How to Outline a Series of Bestselling Books

A really useful technique for generating new ideas, or testing a more developed storyline, is to use the “what if”.Hone your narrative. (2 more items). A big part of learning how to write a series is learning what themes and plot ideas will benefit from expansive treatment.

For example, consider the film adaptations of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien.

How to write a popular book series
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