How has twitter changed the world

My fondest memory of that time was chouffered to Looney Tunes in Long Island to help set up an acoustic show they were going to be performing that evening. Your lyrics were my daily motivation in high school and part of the reason I picked up guitar.

I How has twitter changed the world happy that I was able to fly to California to say goodbye and cry with you all on that last night. Words cannot describe how awesome this entire adventure was. There were so many tears shed.

Yellowcard will always be one of my favorite bands of all time. On Sunday I was asking people if they wanted to fly cross country for a few days. I was shy, I looked up to these guys, they were my idols. I will always miss you! In college, I listened to you more than usual. I made it a point to make sure that my bachelor party was in Vegas for their final show there.

Our friend has a 2 year old and on the ride over there we were all talking about having kids and growing up.


For my eleventh birthday party, I even made all my friends sit on the couch and watch the Beyond Ocean Avenue — Live at the Electric Factory with me. To others, you were a summer road trip hit; a band with a violin that wanted to leave this town and run forever. Paper Walls, and since then I shared him all your latest ones and we got to see you in concert; for the first time and the last time.

In the middle of all the wedding chaos, which was less than 2 weeks away, my fiance and a friend drove to NJ to say our goodbye. There was no such thing as a hometown show, no venue that I saw you perform when I was younger; everybody had one except for me.

The sad day of struck and I remember it being my last day of high school forever as I had my first panic attack from watching the towers fall from my high schools roof. I got myself lost and found you again. To think it has been a year since the final show. I remember saying that I wished I had a kid and she replied, in due time when the time is right.

Thank you for singing the words that I always had trouble saying.

Thank you for all of your hard work and life changing songs! Thanks to you I have some amazing memories not to mention a kick arse soundtrack to go with them.

It was an honour to meet you all on your final tour. Meeting you guys during the final tour was an amazing experience!

Thank you for all the memories, all the good times, and helping me get through the hardships of life. We all got Yellowcard Tshirts from the concert and made it a point that we were going to wear them under our suits for the wedding. Thank you for also allowing me to create some of the best memories of my life at your shows.

I will always remember buying my first ever album, Ocean Avenue, and going to my first Yellowcard show, and wearing the hell out of my Yellowcard shirt. My girlfriend at the time and I loved the song October Nights and we made it our song.

Thanks so much for the memories and for the lifetime of rocking out. Yellowcard will be in my heart Forever.

It brought us closer. He threw it back to me, said something cool and then wrote out those lyrics. Yellowcard will live on forever in my heart, my home, my car, my workplace, etc. I knew it was real. I will forever be grateful for your farewell tour and the chance to say goodbye properly even if my hearing will never be the same.

Instead of complaining, I started taking shifts left and right, and set alerts for flights.Over a year has past since the final show and I still wished it never did.

It’s hard saying goodbye to something that meant the world to me and meant the world to tens of thousands of people world wide.

How has twitter changed the world
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