Guns serve different purposes

Yes—a million times yes—to programs that are trying to educate our kids and achieve some modicum of income equality in this very unequal nation.

The answers may be as much about education and income stability as anything. Apparently, lots of the guns used in Guns serve different purposes have been stolen. I might feel safer carrying a baseball bat or accompanied by a dog.

But no to guns, too. Apparently, you can ram your car into the side of a pawn shop and steal a bunch of guns. It merely shows ignorance of all the the facts and a personal bias against firearms. However, the general utility of almost all firearms lends them to much more purposes than killing.

What guns serve specific purposes for you?

To load a cartridge to fire a bullet or multiple projectiles from a shotgun with a specified degree of reliability, accuracy, and power. Consider the biggest weapons of them all, Nuclear weapons. But guns are only for killing. So we have laws that make it easy for you and me and just about anybody to go to the gun store and buy a gun, and carry it damn near anywhere we please in Indiana, including our state parks.

Yes to more police. What, after all, is the purpose of a gun?

Remember that purpose is how a person uses the tool to accomplish a goal. In the majority of times firearms are used to commit crimes, or by police, or in self defense, the THREAT of using the firearm accomplished the goal, and thus fulfilled the purpose of the user.

If that goal is to try and punch a hole in a piece of paper at yards, or send a can flying, or shatter a clay target in mid-air, that obviously has nothing at all to do with a purpose of killing.

Most of the rest of the civilized world does not permit its citizens to walk around with guns. We are in no way a safe society if we all carry guns. Hunting rifles and shotguns are for killing animals. Now by its nature, a firearm can be used as a weapon, and in that use it has more utility than actually using its designed function.

Yes to more lights and more better control in areas where drunken idiots congregate. Certainly some firearm designers have built some guns specifically for sport Such as competition target rifles and handgunsOthers are designed to kill varmints or pestsand there actually are some guns that were designed and manufactured specifically to kill a person.

It has a capability of being used for the purpose of killing people if that is the purpose of the person using it. So where is the logic in claiming that guns are only made to kill? Some of them did. The purpose of a dog is not to protect you. Yes to a more alert citizenry.

That capability firing a lead projectile very very fast can be used for multiple purposes. As always, comments are encouraged. They are for killing.

As far as I can tell, the purpose of a dog is to be a dog. We need to talk, and there are no easy answers. Consider the actual function of almost any firearm: We have stockrooms full of guns just waiting for buyers and thieves.

The statement is often made by gun control advocates that guns are made for killingperiod. However, logical analysis and statistics clearly show this to be opinion, not fact. Friday, January 28, The primary purpose of guns - Killing?

Their designed function is to create a massive explosion.And a gun is not for anything else. Except killing.

Yes, target practice. But there’s a reason those targets are shaped like humans. Most of the rest of the civilized world does not permit its citizens to walk around with guns.

But we have so many guns that you don’t even have to buy them to load up on them. Steel guns are en vogue right now because they're super pretty and heavy and they have really nice triggers, especially in SA. Glocks are cheap, the trigger can.

Compare & Contrast All guns serve different purposes. Guns have been a part of American history for many years. Many different kinds of guns have been used for many different types of jobs. Oct 03,  · 'Different guns are for different purposes' More than 50 people were killed and at least others injured after a gunman opened fire Sunday night at a country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip, authorities said.

Dec 29,  · Do you guys have certain rolls for your guns? Example is: ccw Walther PPS Home Defense Glock 23 Truck & gym bag M&P9c (soon to be glock26) Range. Jan 28,  · The primary function of a gun is to kill, however the primary purpose is entirely up to the person with the gun.

The primary function of a hammer is to bludgeon a nail into wood, but *it* also be used for self defense ; to make someone think twice before attacking you, or to kill.

Guns serve different purposes
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