Floods in india and its control essay

Bursting of dams and also Bridges in protective embankments lead to inundation. This may be due to two natural causes. This includes the building of adequate reservoirs in the head stream area and the application of the principle of multipurpose river control.

Unfortunately, these measures often come too late or, are too inadequate to meet the hardships caused by floods. Earlier in the week were stranded at Chennai Airport. In either case, the excess water overflows the embankments and submerges the low-lying plains.

This soil on either side of the Nile owes its fertility to the annual flooding of the area, which submerges large regions, even after the construction of Aswan Dam in Egypt.

Even after months, large areas submerged in water appear to be big lakes. Millions of people have been subjected to misery from time to time by the vagaries of the Kosi in northern Bihar and those of the Tista and the Torsa in northern West Bengal.

Unprecedented rain, induced by climate change, has compounded the problem.

Floods in India and Its Control Essay

Some years ago, at seminars, wise men pontificated of the dangers of building the Mass Rapid Transit System on the Buckingham Canal, of constructions on the Pallikaranai marshlands and of locating the Information Technology corridor on a water body.

Sea tides deposit silt on the river-mouths and discharge channels leading to steady deterioration of their discharge capacity. The rivers often change their course submerging large areas of land user water. Earthquakes which are not uncommon in Assam, cause floods in a number of ways.

Flood control, therefore, in these days has moved upstream. The recent images of the flooding in Chennai on social media were scary and show us how badly our cities are messed up. Establishment of proper flood warning systems. The unique eco system with mangroves and intertidal zones will all be a thing of the past.

An estimated people had died, and overhad been displaced. Traditionally the sub-region surrounding Chennai had big and small ponds connected by a working overflow system. This soil on either side of the Nile owes its fertility to the annual flooding of the area, which submerges large regions, even after the construction of Aswan Dam in Egypt.

In many parts of South Chennai, the water was almost five feet in depth, especially those which have been constructed on marshes and swamps. A programe to reforest the Himalayas will be a beginning in this direction. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Straightening of the meandering river channels.

Devastating inundations occur in this belt almost every other year. Now, in the absence of trees, this water also passes into rivers resulting in greater damage due to floods and less availability of ground water in future months. Many areas south of the river have been marshy and low-lying, serviced by small rivulets and canals.

They also render much help to the flood-stricken people.Floods are caused by an excessive flow of water in rivers during the rainy seasons, due mainly to torrential rain in catchment areas.

This may be due to two natural causes. First, the melting of ice in glacier on the mountains may thus supply a river with volumes of water much in excess of its containing and carrying capacity. Write an Essay on Flood in India Article shared by Natural calamities like earthquakes, avalanche vol­canoes floods, etc.

create havoc, time and again, in our lives. words essay on floods in India and its control Subrat Mangaraj Countries irrigated by an adequate river system are in many ways blessed.

These rivers not only help agriculture, but they provide a cheap and efficient transport system for the development of internal trade. The saying goes—land divides, seas unite. In India almost every year floods are common in one part of the country or the other.

During rainy season our rivers are swollen and cause disastrous floods which cause heavy destruction to life and property. Every year, flood, the most common disaster in India causes immense loss to the country’s property and lives.

An Essay / Article on Floods and Its Prevention

India Flood Prone Areas The states falling within the periphery of “India Flood Prone Areas” are West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Assam, Bihar, Gujrat, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.

Floods in India: Causes and Control Among all the disasters that occur in India, floods are the most commonly occurring natural disasters due to the irregularities of the Indian monsoon. About 75% of the annual rainfall in India is concentrated in months of the monsoon season.

Floods in india and its control essay
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