Fakhruddin ali ahmed

His long and distinguished career in public Fakhruddin ali ahmed, which culminated in his occupying the august position of President of India is a shining example of commitment to ethical values and selfless service to the people.

He is known to have issued the proclamation of emergency by signing the papers at midnight after a meeting with Indira Gandhi the same day. On completion of his matriculation from Delhi Government High School, he went to England in to pursue his higher studies from St.

He labored with utter devotion for the uplift of his state and soon his field of work expanded to embrace the entire country. May 13, Born In: Indeed, his contribution to the building of our society and country continues inspiring all of us.

Sibram Bora, was offered seats in the Shillong Club away from the European guests at a function.

No Names Of Former President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed's Kin In Assam NRC List

Zalnur Ali Ahmed, was the first indigenous Assamese person and the first indigenous person from northeast India to have an M.

He is well known among Indian diplomats for his visit to Sudan in In fact he surpassed his father even, as far as nationalism or patriotism was concerned.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Medical College Barpeta Assam

Comment On This Article. Later, he joined the civil service of Pakistan. Doctor of Medicine degree. He was, thus, detained as a security prisoner for three and a half years until April Fakhruddin ali ahmed Inhe was elected to Lok Sabha from Barpeta constituency.

This move was widely criticized by the opposition leaders who considered it a servile act, driven more by considerations of being seen as loyal to the Nehru-Gandhi family, rather than of genuine concern for the safety of the government. It should be the duty of the members of the profession in the Northern India Regional Council, Fakhruddin ali ahmed from examining accuracy of transactions, the modern auditor should also look into the propriety of such transactions… the profession has to develop uniform accounting principles, standard terminologies and precise definitions of various accounting concepts.

He held a variety of portfolios—irrigation and power, education, industrial development, and agriculture. Soon he became the darling of the top leaders in the Congress. Met Jawaharlal Nehru in England He used his constitutional authority as head of state to allow her to rule by decree once the Emergency in India was proclaimed in This was where he came in contact with the Nawab of Lahori in Delhi and eventually, married his daughter.

This was desirable from the point of view of providing reliable information in the financial statements for the benefit of the intending investors, members of the public, government agencies and financial institutions. He was against imposing any language on any people and he spoke a language which is known as Hindustani.

Nationalism was in his blood. He introduced the Assam Agricultural Income Tax Bill, the first of its kind in India, which levied taxes on tea garden lands in the Province and his pro-labor policy in the labor strike in the British-owned Assam Oil Company Ltd. He was 72 then.

His father, during his bachelorhood, was serving in Indian Medical Service when he was asked to leave Assam. Like her father, Indira Gandhi also had a great liking for him and his wife Abida. On boycotting the function, he was transferred to the distant North-West Province.

His contract expired on 30 April Elected to Rajya Sabha After returning to India, he was elected to the Assam legislature Won a Lok Sabha ticket from Barpeta constituency Death Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was unable to complete his 5-year tenure as the President of India since he suffered a heart attack immediately after his return from a tour of the South-East Asian countries.

Was born on May 13, in Hauz Qazi, old Delhi To begin with, he was a member of Assam Pradesh Congress Committee since and was elected to Assam Assembly in Fakhruddin Ahmed is credited with bringing an end to the anarchy that had threatened to sweep the troubled nation. Elected member of Assam Pradesh Congress Committee Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (Assamese: ফখৰুদ্দিন আলি আহমেদ May 13 – February 11, ) was the fifth President of India from to Contents 1 Quotes.

Rangia/Guwahati: The names of the family members of former president Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s nephew do not figure in the draft NRC published in Assam on Monday as they could not apply for.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was the fifth president of India, who delivered invaluable contribution to the Indian freedom struggle. With this biography, know all about Fakhruddin's profile and life.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was the fifth President of India from to and also the 2nd President of India to die in office. Early life. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was born on 13 May at the Hauz Qazi area of Old Delhi, India.

He met Jawaharlal Nehru in England in He joined the Indian National Congress. Fakhruddin Ahmed (born 1 May ) is a Bangladeshi economist, civil servant, and a former governor of the Bangladesh Bank, the country's central bank.

On 12 Januaryhe was appointed as the Chief Adviser (Head of the Government) of the non-party interim caretaker government of Bangladesh, amidst Bangladeshi political crisis in He Political party: Independent. Jul 31,  · Former President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s nephew Ziauddin Ali Ahmed and Sepoy Mutiny fighter Bahadur Gaonburah’s great-grandson Omar Saaduddin Ahmed are among the 40,07, people dropped from Author: Rahul Karmakar.

Fakhruddin ali ahmed
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