Cxc geo sba outline

This is the question that your study will be based on. Remember you must not plagiarise, and you must make reference in your bibliography to any written. Both maps should be hand drawn.

Talk to your teacher for further assistance and to check that the topic is in the syllabus. This is called the location map. The location of the study must be a small area, for example a stretch of beach, a section of a town or your school compound. In this section at least two methods of data collection must be used.

The topic of the SBA is the general topic taken from the syllabus. Three examples of topics are given below.

Presentation of data 9. How To get maximum marks the students must give a clear statement of how the data was collected and an example of the instruments used or the tests or measurement done in the field.

Method of data collection 7. The second map, the site map, shows the area covered by the study in more detail. It is expected that most of the information presented in your account must be obtained from primary sources.

This map be a parish map showing the general location of the study site.

Cxc Geo Sba Outline

Your SBA must give a brief description of how, when, and where data was collected for the study. What processes contribute to the weathering of rocks on the facing the Queens Highway, St. The first map should show the general location of the study area, that is, the region in the country where the study is located.

Geography SBA Sample Outline

It must be taken from one of the three section of the syllabus. As you do your research in the field you observe, you interview, you measure, you sample and you conduct surveys. Locating of the study area — Every geographic study is located somewhere.

Aim of the study 6. The Aim of the study uses descriptive words such as: This map should show features close to the study area.

CXC Geography Guide

The Aim of the study should have no less than two descriptive words. This study requires that at least two maps must be presented. Does deforestation contribute to soil erosion in a section of Egypt, Browns Town, St.

This map is usually drawn from field observation. You include your title in the Aim in the form of a question. The use of appropriate colour and symbols.Geography SBA GENERAL TOPIC: FARMING SPECIFIC TOPIC: “What are the factors affecting banana production in Richmond, St.

Vincent?” 1 The SBA is needed to gain marks for my CXC/CSEC examination. I would like if you really support me by filling out the questionnaire.

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ORGANISATION OF THE SYLLABUS The syllabus is organised under four main sections: Section I - Map Reading and Field Study. A number of persons have reviewed the SBA outline that I have posted to this blog and they have also asked a number of questions based on the new CSEC English A SBA.

[CXC authorities need to clarify the following: Reflection: the highest mark of 5 is earned if the student produces a reflection (one reflection) which integrates (note.

SBA Outline Cover Page Strategy Sheet Acknowledgements Table of Contents Purpose of Study Methodology Location Of Study (pg 2,3,4,5)(at least 2 pages) 4mks.

Cxc geo sba outline
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