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As a technical economic issue, the collapse in the price of entry manifested most dramatically in the staggering rise of social media has undermined the practice of reasoned discourse.

Where does that leave us? From day one of the election campaign — that Mussolini on-an-escalator gesticulating incoherently about Mexican rapists — Trump ought to have been booed off the stage 20 times over.

Lying is not telling the truth, or shaping a version of events with the intent to deceive. Voting for Louis Farrakhan for President would also have represented a radical break with the past. A now-quaint allegory for the pathologies of the internet culture can be seen in the emergence of cable television, as falling costs of production and a multiplicity of viewing options led to smaller audiences and an even more intense fight for ratings shares, an environment which encouraged attention-getting outrageousness.

Truman and Eisenhower each presided over shameful acts, more than once. Ours was an audacious experiment in self-government forged by an extraordinary if flawed, as we A better man for america essay are cohort of founding fathers — an attempt to build a land of unprecedented freedom and opportunity which, especially in its best moments proved much better than anything else going.

But we are not talking about garden variety lying here — we are talking about the totalitarian lie: And those were the wins. They are usually overtaken by their most extreme elements, spiral beyond the control of the principled, and lead to the collapse of social order and gratuitous and senseless bloodletting.

Revolving door, crony-capitalism, fox guarding the henhouse — these old tropes, all accurate, fail to capture the full extent of the intimate ideological and financial enmeshment of the Wall Street-Washington axis. But how many Trump supporters would have pulled the lever for Farrakhan?

Because from now on, and for a very long time, countries around the world will have to calculate their interests, expectations, and behavior with the understanding that this is America, or, at the very least, that this is what the American political system can plausibly produce.

We are in the hands of an ignorant, amoral, petulant authoritarian who has been handed the keys to the most powerful office on the country, and the world. Second, not only is contemporary American capitalism indifferent to its injustices, the system is, indeed, rigged.

Nor is this about politics more generally, which on a good day is an exercise in imperfection and compromise. Then consider Nixon, a paranoid schemer whose self-appointed enemies were my heroes; Reagan had more substance than his detractors like to think, but he played the race card, and his policies were not my policies.

Curiously, he did urge Citi to bet heavily on Collateralized Debt Obligations, a reckless gamble that came within an eyelash of ruining the venerable year-old firm during the financial crisis.

Similarly, increased productivity, genius, or scarcity simply cannot account for the extent to which the pay-packets of CEOs have soared, in both an absolute sense and relative to their employees, over the past few decades. There is no happy ending to this story. Keep in mind that in those areas where Trump departs from traditional Republican positions, such as those regarding trade and international security, Congressional power is much weaker.

Those rewards have more to do with the pathologies of the executive compensation process and the socialized risk and dysfunctional incentive structures found in the financial sector.

America, America

Throw in some tax cuts and conservative appointments, and that coalition could hold — and rule. It did not seem to even register with either Clinton that former and aspiring public servants ought to conduct themselves with a modicum of propriety.

Even in the twilight years of the s, times considerably darker than today, regular men and women stood up against much graver dangers and longer odds than those we now face. The internet is exponentially more pernicious: Congress does have considerable authority, but mostly regarding those things that they agree with Trump about: To mourn for America is not my style.

And so the election of Trump will come to mark the end of the international order that was built to avoid repeating the catastrophes of the first half the twentieth century, and which did so successfully — horrors that we like to imagine we have outgrown.

We have lost, we are lost. They did not resist, necessarily, because they thought they would win, they resisted because they simply could not imagine collaborating, even passively.

And for us, even now there are oases of hope in our sea of despair — Trump did indeed lose the popular vote by a wide margin, and there are powerful states and municipalities that might protect many of the most vulnerable from the coming federal onslaught.

One of the most alarming aspects of the rise of Trump is or should have been his embrace of the Orwellian lie.

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As for Bush the younger — he quite irritated me. The list of should-have-been disqualifying moments is too long and too familiar to rehearse, but some of the highest crimes still linger: If enough people enjoy watching the reality TV of the Trump Presidency, they will renew it for another four years.

My side would have lost, my policies would have been abandoned. Or put another way: In retrospect it was after the Global Financial Crisis when push came to shove — the straight line from that economic upheaval to this political catastrophe is now plain enough to see.Essay Chinese Immigrants in America - After the first wave of Chinese immigrants arrived in the United States in the early s during the California Gold Rush, many Chinese people continued to travel across the Pacific, escaping poor conditions in China with hopes and ambitions for a better life in America.

Sep 26,  · Two Years Are Better Than Four September 26, am September 26, am Liz Addison, 38, is a biology major whose goal is to become a large animal veterinarian. America Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers.Man, I Am, Woman, Me or the mom who works two low-wage jobs to give her kid a better life.

America is the union leader and the CEO who put aside their differences to make the economy stronger. America, America. Current Events; Essays until very recently, at any given moment America was better at that time than it had been 20 years previously. To mourn for America is not my style.

and never forget Tolstoy’s admonition: “There are no conditions to which a man may not become accustomed, particularly if he sees that. Is Iron Man better than Captain America? 58% Say Yes 42% Say No Yes, he is.

Captain america, besides thieving the name of an entire continent for just a single country, is a Marty Stu (a male Mary sue if you prefer, or someone who is too perfect to be a believable human being). Tony stark is better. Iron Man is better than captain america. 4 days ago · I want to burn the frat house of America to the ground.

Better to tell yourself that the boss who groped you at the office party was just an old goat and the teenage boy who grabbed you at the.

A better man for america essay
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